Who We Are

With strong market leadership and innovation, we’re defining the future of transportation.

Discover how you can shape Hyundai Translead’s future.

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    Hyundai Translead’s promise to our employees and to our customers focuses on unwavering adherence to our company’s Core Values.

  • Benefits

    At Hyundai Translead we are committed to providing all full-time employees with a comprehensive, high quality, and affordable Benefits program that meets your family’s needs.

Working at Hyundai Translead

At Hyundai Translead, we are passionate about what we do, and that is most evident in how much we value our employees. As our most valuable resource, we continuously strive to perfect the employee experience, creating a positive and inclusive workplace.

  • We are committed to your success
  • We value your feedback
  • We offer a diverse and inclusive workspace
  • We promote empowerment


Our Teams

Our business teams work together to create a cohesive, collaborative work environment that strives for teamwork, excellence, and outstanding customer service.

Finance & Accounting

Our Finance and Accounting professionals manage the company’s accounting procedures, provide support to our manufacturing teams, and ensure the continued health of our business.

Supply Chain

Our team of supply chain specialists work with vendors all over the world to source materials for our products and to ensure our commitment to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner. 


Our sales team has its finger on the pulse of the business, offering exceptional product knowledge to our customers and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

Our skilled Research and Development team is the driving force behind new technology, new products, and ensuring that our business offers the most advanced product options on the market.

Marketing & Business Development

The Marketing and Business Development department strives to understand the state of our business, to look out for new business opportunities, and to provide solutions to our customers’ transportation needs.

Operations Business Administration

Our operations and administrative team work with departments across the company, providing support, information, and data to support the overall functions of the business.

Employee Testimonials

Joseph Enright
Sr. R&D Engineer, 10 years

The thing I like most about my job as an Engineer in the R&D department is learning about new technologies and materials in the market and integrating them into our trailers and products. I definitely notice our trailers on the road and take some pride pointing them out on long road trips.

Working at Hyundai Translead has afforded me the opportunity to live and work in beautiful San Diego. The manufacturing plant in Rosarito is world-class, providing a clean, safe, and exciting environment to work with advanced automated manufacturing processes and testing facilities.



Alan Jones
Sr. Account Executive, 3 years

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Hyundai Translead for the past 3 and a half years. Working at Hyundai Translead has allowed me to grow my career in a new direction and to further develop my industry connections and relationships. Hyundai Translead fully supports their employees with top-tier pay and benefits that are hard to match.

One of my favorite positive traits of working for Hyundai Translead has been the fact that the company is open to new ideas. You can take what you know and have learned from other career experiences and apply that knowledge in a positive way to your work.

Ryan Shipley
Procurement Associate II, 2 years

The aspect of my job I enjoy the most is working with such a caring team and collaborating together on projects. It is indicative of the culture here at Hyundai Translead that makes people its priority in all practices. Being able to grow with the company and establish the new supply chain management component to the San Diego Procurement department has broadened my horizons and given me ample opportunity to advance my career development. 

One unique benefit to working at Hyundai Translead is becoming part of a tight knit family in the industry and creating long lasting relationships with great people all working together towards a common goal of providing a safe quality product.


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